Signs of the Times

One of the problems of a kiosk display using a browser is having things on the far end of the connection go sideways:

Your connection is not private
Your connection is not private

A closer look:

Your connection is not private - detail
Your connection is not private – detail

The base URL seems gone from consensus reality, although they might be using a private DNS to resolve in-house servers. In any event, a casual search suggests Osborn VS is an ad-tech company recently Borged by (or into) something else.

Sometimes the connection itself goes sideways:

Missing Internet Connection
Missing Internet Connection

Just like the sign-in kiosks in the lobby, I soooo wanted to tap that big button, but this was not a touch-screen display.

Yes, that’s the same display. Apparently Lifeshare is another part of the same Borganism.

I read these reassuring instructions in the elevator of a different building:

Elevator power failure instructions
Elevator power failure instructions

I’d be mildly unsurprised to discover the elevator controls also handle the interior lighting, invariably putting me in the dark while the thing reboots. At least the paper would remain readable, because phones can become flashlights under duress.

At least we were not riding a rocket …

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