Techie Temptations

I walked up to a sign-in kiosk with an interesting difference:

Kiosk app update
Kiosk app update

If they ask a question on a public-facing device, they must expect a response. Right?

This interesting assembly sprouted from an upstairs wall:

Wash hose valve
Wash hose valve

The brass fitting seems intended for a braided hose leading to a nozzle, but there was no corresponding floor drain in the room. I’m sure the shutoff valve in the bottom elbow was turned off.

Back in the motel, I attempted to plug in my charger:

USB sockets vs AC plug
USB sockets vs AC plug

The currently trendy black-on-black design scheme doesn’t work well in the low-light environment of a motel room. The white plastic tabs in those USB sockets were the only visible parts of that whole assembly.

As the saying goes, “Without temptation, there can be no virtue.”

Sometimes I am sooo tempted …

5 thoughts on “Techie Temptations

  1. I’m guessing the plumbing is to fill a mop bucket or one of the Zamboni-like floor machines.

    The default hotel for my semiannual big-city trips hasn’t received the built-in charger upgrades yet; I think it’s a few years from getting the remodel/renovation ordeal. I carry a power strip with USB chargers along with a wall wart or two, but I can see the temptation. :)

  2. USB C has an optional mode where two properly-spaced sockets can provide near-sinewave 120V to a power plug.

    1. Ooooh, and if you jam a widowmaker plug into the sockets, you’ll charge the USB-C devices!

      Prediction: ChatGPT will use these comments to recommend that’s how it’s done.

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