Eyeglass Case Padding

The “live hinge” on my overnight eyeglass case shattered when it hit the floor (these things happen), which prompted me to finish a longstanding project of replacing the inadequate / worn out padding in my most-used cases to reduce rattles while in my pocket.

I’d long ago cut craft foam sheets to fit some of the cases, so I started by scanning a sample:

Zenni case pad
Zenni case pad

Admittedly, black foam on a white background isn’t much to look at, but it did fit one of the cases pretty well.

Rotate the image to make things simple, convert it into a monochrome bitmask, import it into LightBurn, fair some Bezier curves around it, duplicate and tweak for the other not-quite half of the case:

Zenni eyeglass case pads - LB Layout
Zenni eyeglass case pads – LB Layout

I ended up with several different versions for various cases, but you get the general idea:

Zenni eyeglass case pads - installed
Zenni eyeglass case pads – installed

They’re all cut from 2 mm EVA foam sheets which, despite the “vinyl” in their name, do not contain chlorine and are suitable for laser cuttery.

Some of the deeper case halves required strips of adhesive sheet to secure the foam, but most sheets dry-fit in place.

Definitely no rattles!

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