Kenmore 362.75581890 Oven: Another Igniter Bites The Dust

Our story so far:

  • We installed a Kenmore gas range around the turn of the millennium
  • 2006 – Oven burner tube & igniter replaced
  • 2014 – Igniter replaced

Apparently igniters last about eight years, regardless of provenance, because the igniter just failed, with the usual symptoms of low current draw (about 2 A), failed ignition, and a faint smell of propane (well, mercaptan) before the safety valve kicked in:

Oven igniter - location
Oven igniter – location

The new igniter, another low-buck Amazon offering, came with half a green plastic connector block that mated neatly with the existing half under the oven. Unfortunately, the new wires had female pins crimped on their ends, rather than the male pins required by the existing connector and the ceramic wire nuts I’d used to join the previous igniter to the OEM connector were non-removable.

So I trimmed the old wires to a usable length and applied the new ceramic wire nuts to the stubs:

Oven igniter - connector rewiring
Oven igniter – connector rewiring

Also as before, the new igniter measures 3 A, definitely below the low end of the valve’s 3.3 to 3.6 A range:

Oven igniter - current test
Oven igniter – current test

If this one lasts eight years, I won’t be the guy replacing it …

5 thoughts on “Kenmore 362.75581890 Oven: Another Igniter Bites The Dust

  1. Do you have an opinion about the WAGO connectors as an alternative to wire nuts? They look appealing.

    1. Dang.

      Caught me at a weak moment: I’ve been meaning to lay in a stock of those things for the next time I burrow in a junction box.

      The doc says they’re UL listed and the 222 series handles 12 to 28 AWG. What’s not to like?

      Thanks for the reminder, I think. [grin]

  2. 10.5 years on the Frigidaire range with no oven igniter problems, and the oven gets used at least once per week. (Range top; they de-spark if we get them wet or gunked up. There’s a dedicated toothbrush in the pantry for the now-rare occasion. Learning curve for the win.)

    I’ll cross my fingers and apologize to Murphy before he sends out the Glitches of Doom for the oven comment.

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