Car vs. Pole: That Ain’t Gonna Buff Out

Another specimen at the corner gas station atop their flatbed hauler:

Car vs pole
Car vs pole

The exposed ICs add a piquant touch, don’t they?

We’ll never know the rest of the story …

3 thoughts on “Car vs. Pole: That Ain’t Gonna Buff Out

  1. I’ll see a few of these every winter, usually after a) a big snowstorm or b) after a major drinking event. When it’s a AND b, there’s more than one. [wince]

    Had to drive in the “a” condition a couple of days ago. I knew where the road was, though the Subaru’s EyeSight(tm) sensor admitted defeat. Not a fun drive until I got to the state highway, and 40mph in a 55 zone was pushing it too hard on the county roads. (I hate “unexpected” storms, but that’s been the winter norm so far.)

    Take care, and keep the ICs safely in the car.

    1. Once upon a time we were scheduled to drive to a Thanksgiving Family Gathering in the teeth of a snowstorm. We struggled one exit farther along I-84, looked at each other, nodded, returned home on the county road, and counted it a net win.

      1. This showed up as I was part way there. Usually, the county does a good job on major roads, but even the state got caught on one of the less traveled highways (Crater Lake NP is quiet this time of year, and the road can be dicey.) The county road was even quieter. Flat and straight-ish. That was the saving grace.

        I knew where the road was (waggles hand), but turning around wasn’t advisable, due to some remembered impressive ditches and small irrigation canals. Once I got to the road that parallels the east side of the Cascades, I could (usually) take my half of the roadway down the middle.

        (Family history (circa 195[x) says we bailed to a hotel on a westbound Thanksgiving trip near South Bend, Indiana. Dad was not happy to see that the road was clear 5 miles past the hotel. Lake effect snow strikes again. OTOH, there were multiple cars in the ditches before the hotel.)

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