Car Fire

From the living room window, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on out there, but halfway down the driveway it became obvious:

Car Fire - arrival
Car Fire – arrival

The bright spot underneath the car came from liquid fire dripping on the asphalt. For one terrifying moment I thought we were about to take delivery of a lithium fire, but later developments showed it was a just an ordinary fire in an old-school gasoline car.

A few minutes later, fire equipment blocked the road in both directions, with more vehicles out of sight:

Car Fire - overview
Car Fire – overview

From what I overheard, multiple 911 calls resulted in firefighters chasing the car from one of the fire stations along either Vassar Rd or Spackenkill, the driver finally noticed the lights, and pulled over as the sirens spooled down in front of our house. It had a Georgia plate, so maybe this was near the end of a really long day.

The first operation got a water lance under the car to knock back the undercarriage fire:

Car Fire - first water lance
Car Fire – first water lance

Then they punched through the tail lights to lance the trunk:

Car Fire - trunk water lance
Car Fire – trunk water lance

Smash the windows and chop the trunk lid open to flood all the interior spaces:

Car Fire - trunk flooding
Car Fire – trunk flooding

From the beginning, everybody knew that ain’t gonna buff right out:

Car Fire - flatbed
Car Fire – flatbed

There’s never a dull moment around here …

They did a great job cleaning up the debris, so I couldn’t score any attractive glass or small parts.

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    1. For reasons deep in my past, hearing a siren spool down while approaching the house is unsettling. Unfortunately, we’re just far enough from the intersection for every northbound emergency vehicle to sound like that.

      Sometimes, they stop right out front, whereupon I get all twitchy.

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