Car vs. Pole: That Ain’t Gonna Buff Right Out

Spotted at the corner gas station, where they collect wrecks before harvesting their organs:

Car vs Pole
Car vs Pole

As far as we can tell, the car clipped the pole off at the base, whereupon it smashed down across the roof, leaving the trunk unscathed. The lack of blood on the airbag suggests the driver lived to tell the tale, although we’ll never know the rest of the story.

A collection of random stuff tossed on the back seat included a license plate bent into a surprisingly gentle curve.

Obligatory: And Sudden Death reference.

5 thoughts on “Car vs. Pole: That Ain’t Gonna Buff Right Out

  1. Only metaphorically on topic, the 2012 vintage Inspiron that was destined for the shop/barn decided to imitate a brick. “It ran when I parked it.” A week later, “It’s dead, Jim.” Web searches and the Dell support article said to try a new CMOS battery (old one was good), and to disconnect anything disconnectable. Done, with no success. The PSU turns on its own green LED and the orange one on the motherboard, but no fans nor front panel lights. Tried hotwiring the on-button terminals.

    I figure it’s either the PSU or the dreaded bad-cap disease on the motherboard. There was a choking amount of dust on the PSU vent holes on the inside, but I’m inclined to stick the unit on the heap. Barring any great thoughts, another used/refurbished Dell will be ordered soon.

    The 2001 vintage Sony still runs, however. [sigh]

    1. I’d expect the, ahem, supply chain would have drained all the bad electrolyte by 2012, but it may be an entirely different source with equally poor chemistry; nowadays, ya can’t tell where stuff comes from.

      1. Yeah, nothing obvious on the motherboard, but that dust blocking the interior vent holes on the PSU (pumice and dog underhair gets everywhere) could have caused some long-term damage. I’m pretty happy with the refurbed/upgraded Optiplex (originally 250GB HDD, 4G RAM, now 1 TB and 16GB), so I’ll go that way.

        Note to self; check the interior of the computers occasionally.

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