Humana Email Unsubscribe FAIL: Redux

Around this time last year, Humana was spamming me with emails sporting a misconfigured unsubscribe link, so that I could not get myself off their mailing list.

This year, they have the unsubscribe link set up properly, except …

Humana email unsubscribe rejection
Humana email unsubscribe rejection

Apparently my email address was good enough to get their junk email to me, but it’s not good enough for them to stop sending junk.

I was pretty sure this was deliberate last year. Now, I’m certain.

And they want me to trust them?

You can’t make this stuff up.

One thought on “Humana Email Unsubscribe FAIL: Redux

  1. When my frustration boils over, I search out any names on LinkedIn – followed by a search using RocketReach or similar that trawls people’s emails, phone numbers etc and makes them visible for a direct approach….The more senior they are, the more reactive they are to a polite approach via a personal email….
    Mr. Van Valin has a visible company address as well as a gmail account listed….
    Over to you :-)

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