Epson ET-3830 Refilling

Although the blurb for the Epson ET-3830 All-In-One scanner / printer says “up to 2 years of ink in the box”, the black ink hit the bottom line of the tank near the end of August:

Epson ET-3830 - refilling black ink
Epson ET-3830 – refilling black ink

Refilling is totally without drama, which is worth a couple of bucks right there.

Being that type of guy, I keep track of ink vs. time:

Epson ET-3830 - ink status
Epson ET-3830 – ink status

In round numbers, it looks like we use nearly all of a 127 ml bottle of black ink and a bit more than half of an 70 ml bottle of color ink every eight months.

I find it much easier to read long articles and tech documents while slumped in the Power Chair than to scroll through them on big or little screens, so we go through much more ink and paper than most folks.