SJCAM M20: Another Battery Bites the Dust

A little more than two years after replacing its internal battery, the SJCAM M20 camera on my Tour Easy once again wouldn’t last to the end of the driveway if I forgot to turn on the external battery pack. This time around, the camera was so firmly jammed in the printed seat frame mount that I had to cut the mount apart.

Yup, that puppy is all swoll up:

SJCAM M20 swollen battery - side view
SJCAM M20 swollen battery – side view

Poor thing looks like a tiny pillow:

SJCAM M20 swollen battery - pouch
SJCAM M20 swollen battery – pouch

While I had it apart, I tried to clean / refurbish the button contacts on the top. Unfortunately, they’re pretty well buried in the camera frame and I was unwilling to dismantle the optics, remove the display, and gut the camera to find out if they were more accessible from the back surface:

SJCAM M20 - switch internals
SJCAM M20 – switch internals

While all that was going on, I ran off a new mount in white PETG:

SJCAM M20 - white case installed
SJCAM M20 – white case installed

I’m down to the last battery. The “4.35V” on the pillow indicates they’re special high-voltage lithium-polymer cells, so I can’t just drop a random lithium pouch cell in there and expect it to Just Work.

I think the “782633” is the cell size, so, if I were willing to have a few thousand on the shelf, a 552525 pouch might fit. The reduced capacity wouldn’t be a problem, as it must just keep the camera’s clock ticking between rides.