Vintage Acrylic

Concerted rummaging in the Basement Warehouse produced some rather old acrylic sheets:

Acrylic Stockpile
Acrylic Stockpile

Washing with detergent and denatured alcohol cleaned off a lot of grunge, but the yellow tint says it’s been around for a while. In fact, It Came With The House™ when we bought it three decades ago.

One sheet was a status board in an automobile machine shop:

Vintage Acrylic Sheet
Vintage Acrylic Sheet

So, yeah, that might be 70-year-old acrylic.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Acrylic

  1. Do you nead a license to undertake archeological digs like these? ;-)

    1. And a hard hat!

      That stash came from the Black Hole, the dirt-floor compartment under the concrete patio, which was packed solid with mmmmm stuff when we bought the place. Nearly all of it ended up in a dumpster, but I knew those sheets would come in handy some day …

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