Bondhus Wrench: Missing Ball

Around the beginning of the year, I updated my collection of somewhat worn hex wrenches with a set of metric and inch ball-end hex wrenches from Bondhus sold by and shipped from Amazon:

Bondhus hex wrenches - missing 7-64 ball
Bondhus hex wrenches – missing 7-64 ball

When I applied the 7/64 wrench to a setscrew, the missing ball came as a surprise.

Even though the inch wrench set doesn’t get a lot of use, it’s possible I broke the ball off during a previous adventure, but a look at the end shows the black oxide coating covering the end:

Bondhus hex wrenches - missing 7-64 ball - detail
Bondhus hex wrenches – missing 7-64 ball – detail

Yeah, it was born that way.

I wonder if and how their lifetime guarantee works.

[Update: It does!]

Protip: as of this writing, the Amazon listing has two other “sizes” showing exactly the same set at significantly higher prices from two randomly named sellers:

Bondhus hex wrench set - Amazon listing
Bondhus hex wrench set – Amazon listing

It is safe to assume Amazon no longer has its customers’ best interests in mind.

8 thoughts on “Bondhus Wrench: Missing Ball

  1. I still have to deal with the ‘zon for some items, but their image server tends to go sideways every couple of weeks. (The “is it down for everyone?” site says it’s really down, but it might be a quirk of my satellite service.)

    It’s images-na.ssl-images-amazon dot com, which maps to
    c dot media-amazon dot com. it’ll crap out for days at a time, and there’s indications that the DNS values for the server change periodically, probably causing the outages until Hughes/Dish Internet can catch up.

    OTOH, non-Amazon sellers can be better at times for both price and service.

    I think I’ve broken a ball off a Bondhus wrench, but Quality Shop Time has been pretty rate lately.

    1. Never had any problem with the pix, other than sometimes the delivered object doesn’t match the picture. Which has nothing to do with their servers, that’s for sure!

    1. I admit to not checking the box to see if they packed it as a no-cost extra.

  2. Congratulations!
    When searching duckduckgo for “Missing ball” you come up second – right behind some web doctor who offers a surgical procedure to rectify that problem.

    And even better (or worse) the wordpress email summarized your article with
    “It’s possible I broke the ball off during a previous adventure”

    Oh well, just like your follow lifestyle bloggers you eventually had to turn to click bait…

    1. My SEO hand is strong!

      Hard to keep a straight face, sometimes, is all I have to say …

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