Tenergy 18650 Lithium Cells: Four Years of Running Lights

With the amber daytime running light connected to the Bafang’s headlight output and the Anker flashlight on the other side of the fairing getting fewer power-on hours, it’s a good time to see how those four Tenergy lithium 18650 cells are doing:

Tenergy 18650 Protected - 2021-09-09
Tenergy 18650 Protected – 2021-09-09

The overall capacity is down by 10%, with the voltage depressed by 120 mV over most of the curve.

Although I don’t keep daily records, the back of the envelope reveals 150 to 200 hour-long rides per year during the last four years, so call it 700 charging cycles:

Anker LC40 Flashlight - Anodizing fade
Anker LC40 Flashlight – Anodizing fade

High brightness draws 1.5 A and low is 50% duty cycle, so a typical ride requires 750 mA·h = 2.5 W·h. Each cell lives for three or four rides with the LED set to low brightness and the numbers work out close enough.