Striped Hairstreak Caterpillar

Mary found this gadget gnawing holes in a bean:

Striped Hairstreak Butterfly - caterpillar
Striped Hairstreak Butterfly – caterpillar

The lump on the right is frass, not a mini-me tagging along behind.

We had no clue what it might be when it grew up, but Google Lens suggested a Striped Hairstreak Butterfly caterpillar and, later that day (and for the first time ever!), we saw an adult Hairstreak fluttering on a goldenrod in the corner of the garden.

As with all caterpillars, you’d never imagine the adult butterfly. It seems they move their hind wings to make predators aim at the south end of a northbound butterfly …

2 thoughts on “Striped Hairstreak Caterpillar

  1. I learned a new word today! I was guessing what “frass” is by the context but hadn’t heard it until this morning. I’m wondering if we will hear it more often in the upcoming debates…I’m thinking at least some of the content could be described as such.

    1. Glad to be of service. [grin]

      Mary tracks garden invaders by their frass trails, then metes out harsh justice. It’s a jungle out there!

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