Can Opener Re-Gearing

Six years on, I just deployed the last of the aluminum spares from the original CNC project:

Can opener - new gear installed
Can opener – new gear installed

I swear the cutter gear on the left does not show that rust in person!

This can opener has a slightly larger bolt than the previous ones, so I embiggened the hole with a step drill:

Can opener - redrilling new gear
Can opener – redrilling new gear

Having run out of aluminum gears, I’ll be forced to make a hob to make a steel gear. Drat!

8 thoughts on “Can Opener Re-Gearing

  1. Perhaps this is an omen: time to get a different style opener – one that doesn’t produce a sharp edge just waiting for a careless finger

    1. We have (and use!) one of those OXO roll-around-the-rim openers, but Mary doesn’t like the knob despite my fix. The next step may be to have me open all the cans …

            1. The major opener use around here is for canned salmon, zero brands of which have E-Z open cans, so I think we’re sunk. Sardines, now, those have zip-top lids, but, after a few trials, she’s no fan of sardines.

              If I had to eat canned anything, I’d be way skinny; there’s a time for every style and that ain’t mine.

            2. Canned salmon!? Dream on… ;-)
              “Cheeky Otter Hana Tries to Steal Kotaro’s Salmon”

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