OXO Pepper Grinder: Inadvertent Abuse

Being that type of guy, I’m reasonably sure I would not have bought what’s now clearly labeled as an OXO Radial Pepper Grinder for use as a salt mill:

OXO Salt Mill - corrosion
OXO Salt Mill – corrosion

Mary recalls we got it at Target, back when one could go places and buy things, and I vaguely recall contemplating a wall of OXO gadgets. It’s been a while and I neglected to save the packaging for future reference.

Obviously not stainless steel, but not lethal, so we’ll continue abusing it.

4 thoughts on “OXO Pepper Grinder: Inadvertent Abuse

      1. I still do think we are not insane. I do believe it did say salt/pepper grinder. Maybe they ninja-rebranded it after they saw the shaft wasn’t corrosion resistant. I mean, who really needs that much control on the coarseness of ground pepper? Then again, this could just be a shared Mandela effect….

        1. Perhaps the “salt-and-pepper” mill shaft began as real stainless steel, then morphed into Chinesium stainless steel, which OXO discovered wasn’t really corrosion-resistant, dropped the “salt” part, started using ordinary zinc-plated (?) steel, and we got old-stock labels with cheapnified hardware?

          Or we bought counterfeit OXO hardware, despite mine coming from Target, not Amazon?

          I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I can see that territory from here …

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