Monthly Image: Rt 376 Overgrowth Clearing

NYS DOT cleared the Japanese Knotweed from the shoulder along Rt 376 north of Maloney last year:

The last image in that gallery is from the end of April; you can see the weeds just starting to grow under the guide rail.

Japanese Knotweed, being basically a weed on crystal meth, becomes a lush hedge from a standing start in five weeks:

Knowing how NYS DOT’s Region 8 Dutchess South Residency’s brush trimming has(n’t) worked in previous years, this took us by surprise:

Rt 376 Marker 1095 - 2020-06-10
Rt 376 Marker 1095 – 2020-06-10

Because chopping Japanese Knotweed to the ground doesn’t actually discourage it, we hope they’re scheduled to return every couple of months …

7 thoughts on “Monthly Image: Rt 376 Overgrowth Clearing

  1. The northern embodiment of kudzu. Just think! With climate change you could have both.

    1. Apparently, one can eat its tender young sprouts as really sour rhubarb.

      If Knotweed were either hallucinogenic or aphrodisiacal, it’d be a self-correcting problem …

      1. Think about a hybrid knotweed/kudzu. Bury the world… in a couple of hours.

  2. on this side of the pond, knotweed is rampant along the roadside and there are lots of signs warning not to cut it. It spreads easily from cuttings. Glyphosphate is about the only thing that slows it down but it takes repeated applications while it’s growing

    1. Just like Jason Bourne: “He is really good at staying alive, and trying to kill him and failing … just pisses him off.”

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