Robin Nest: Hatching An Egg A Day

The robin nesting atop the garage door spotlights keeps a careful watch over her surroundings:

Garage Robin - standing guard
Garage Robin – standing guard

Based on past experience, we though a blue jay had discovered the nest when we found this in front of the garage door:

Garage Robin - plundered eggshell
Garage Robin – plundered eggshell

A day later, a quick peek when she was off the nest told a different story:

Garage Robin - 2 hatchlings
Garage Robin – 2 hatchlings

As with humans, only parents can love things like that …

Another pair of robins built a more conventional nest in a small front-yard tree, although they seemed content to start brooding atop only two eggs.

We wish both families well, along with the wrens nesting in the front bird box.

Go, birds, go!

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