Losing the Battery Bag

Because the cheap batteries I use in the Sony HDR-AS30V camera provide just slightly less runtime than our longest usual ride after a year of use, I carry a spare battery in a small red felt bag. The bag also holds a USB card reader helping to make the MicroSD card somewhat less lose-able on its trips betwixt bike & desk.

Here I am, swapping batteries in Adam’s Fairacre parking lot before starting the trip home:

Losing the Red Bag - setup - 2019-02-25
Losing the Red Bag – setup – 2019-02-25

You can see it coming, right?

Eight minutes later, we’re turning onto the Dutchess County Rail Trail:

Losing the Battery Bag - flight - 2019-02-25
Losing the Battery Bag – flight – 2019-02-25

And then it’s gone:

Losing the Battery Bag - gone - 2019-02-25
Losing the Battery Bag – gone – 2019-02-25

Mary drove past there on her way to a distant meeting, but the little red bag was not to be found anywhere. Maybe it’ll reappear on a fence post or taped to the bulletin board; I’ve tried to return things I’ve found that way.

I expect somebody got a nice present and, if naught else, it’s good to drop happiness into the world.

There’s another reader and a quartet of batteries on their way.

4 thoughts on “Losing the Battery Bag

  1. The USB card readers seem to be getting harder to find. My first one is a Lexar (complete with a free 32Mb(!) card), and the second (SD, Micro SD going to Std and Micro USB) was findable last year at Staples under the Panasonic name. I wanted another for my road-trip bag, but had no luck with Staples this time. The ‘zon had one identical to the Panasonic under some other name.

    FWIW, the SD card slot in my low end Inspiron laptop is physically hard on the cards. I had a few cards lose the plastic constact-separating fingers from the Dell’s socket. Going to the Lexar adapter and the card lifetime goes back to the wear on the memory. (Medical equipment datalogs, with a lot of write cycles per night.)

      1. The last one I bought carries a 250Gb SD card, and it’s my backup drive for the shop computer. I don’t bother with cron jobs for the backup, since the computer is off when I’m not there, but I just run the appropriate script when I bring up the machine.

        (Finally had to break down and get a new-to-me Windows machine. The Oregon tax forms in pdf don’t play well with Okular, leaving some fields non accessible. I had a bad feeling about using the Win 7 laptop (needs some work, anyway), so I got a refurbed machine running Win 10. Microsoft can be more annoying than WordPress…)

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