ACM Poughkeepsie Presentation: Algorithmic Art

In the unlikely event you’re in Poughkeepsie this evening, I’ll be doing a talk on my Algorithmic Art for the Poughkeepsie ACM chapter, with a look at the HPGL and G-Code transforming math into motion:

Superformula - triangle burst - detail
Superformula – triangle burst – detail

The PDF of the “slides” lacks my patter, but the embedded linkies will carry you to the blog posts & background information:

See you there! [grin]

7 thoughts on “ACM Poughkeepsie Presentation: Algorithmic Art

  1. Page 7 incorporates the famous Luther chart.
    Isn’t that copyrighted? Are you licensed to use it?

    1. Better to ask forgiveness than get permission; perhaps he’ll be in the room!

  2. That HP-7475a was the best investment I’ve ever made.

    1. Me, too! [grin]

      Word was they’d never had so many folks standing around after a meeting, talking about the topic. Having both the 7475 and the 3018 buzzing away worked wonderfully well!

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