Too Many Deer: Aftermath

We spotted this crumpled front end at a local repair shop:

Deer crash damage - overview
Deer crash damage – overview

A closer look at the bumper tells the tale:

Deer crash damage - hair detail
Deer crash damage – hair detail

Pop Quiz: estimate the total cost of that collision, including the overhead of having to deal with the insurance company and arrange alternate transportation for a week or two.

Essay: explain why it’s possible for someone to insist that both deer and humans are better off under these conditions.

In this area, vehicles serve as the top predator for deer…

3 thoughts on “Too Many Deer: Aftermath

  1. I never had any collisions with deer, but have come close a few times. We have a National Forest a couple miles south of us, and the road to town goes through it, so it can be, er, interesting. Lately, there’s a herd of cattle that are grazing (leased rights from the Forest Service), so we’ve had a few occasions where cattle are clearing the shoulder grasses as we go by. At least the cattle don’t run across the road, though it’s never a good idea to speed through the forest.

    1. At least the cattle don’t run across the road

      Some years back, a beefalo went walkabout on the Taconic State Parkway north of here: that’d stop you dead in your tracks!

      Firesign Theatre: “There’s hamburger on the highway …”

      1. dead in your tracks Literally. Both parties get it when the critter approaches the mass of the car. With open range, it happens every few years.

        hamburger on the highway And I’ve been thinking about the Powerhouse Church of the Presumptuous Assumption all morning. [grin]

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