Monthly Science: Weight

After another two months:

Weight Chart 2019-10 - Ed
Weight Chart 2019-10 – Ed

The trend is definitely not uniformly downward, perhaps due to my increasing ability to accelerate (small) masses against the local gravity vector and, definitely, garden harvest season. My pants still fit fine, if that’s any indication.

I’ll add a skin-fold caliper dot to the weekly record after I can get repeatable measurements, perhaps by marking the test spot with a Sharpie.

8 thoughts on “Monthly Science: Weight

  1. I got a little more carried away. I record the data in a text file and run it through a Kalman filter (via SciLab) and then gnuplot. The Kalman filter smooths out the noise and provides a rate estimate.

  2. You could tattoo measurement locations. Sharpie would wear off. :-D

    1. I am such a sissy …

      Perhaps any sufficiently repeated Sharpie becomes indistinguishable from a tattoo?

  3. If you get consistent results from skinfold, you’ll have solved a significant problem. Inter-rater reliability is right on par with eyeballometric methods – aka, “garbage”. You might consider extracting information from your APRS tracks – “what you can do” is, clinically, the only metric that matters.

    1. Sounds about right to me!

      One significant data point: I can now mow the lawn in one session, with a break in the middle, in a bit under three hours. I used to do the front half, then the back half, on successive days. I still feel a nap comin’ on strong when I’m done, but now it doesn’t blot up two afternoons.

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