Monthly Science: Weight

Another two months of dots for the record:

Weight Chart 2019-08 - Ed
Weight Chart 2019-08 – Ed

The eyeballometric slope continues at 1 lb/month.

I started low-key upper-body strength training in June with encouraging results: my biceps no longer require exotic instrumentation for detection and my abs may soon transition from “throw pillow” to “two-pack”.

This is, however, the season of bounteous garden harvests, including delicious corn-on-the-cob and summer squash …

5 thoughts on “Monthly Science: Weight

    1. Certified Olde Fartes™ need strength training exercises to maintain bone density, which is a particular problem for bicyclists, and I’ve finally gotten with the program after our more-or-less daily bicycling.

      Enough weight to reach overload in less than a dozen reps, one set, only the key muscles, and that’s entirely enough. So far, so good!

      1. “bone density”
        I take vitamin D3 daily 100ug from September to May.

        1. Apparently, that’s necessary but not sufficient: ya gotta do weight-bearing exercise. It’s particularly true for bicyclists with great legs and nothing else.

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