Walnut Husk Fly Damage

A recent Amazon purchase of three 3 lb bags of walnuts from a known-good seller arrived with many damaged nuts:

Damaged walnuts - detail
Damaged walnuts – detail

The damage matches what I read about Walnut Husk Fly infestations: shriveled kernels and terrible taste.

In round numbers, I found 8 oz of damaged nuts in each 3 lb bag, enough to ruin the entire batch. The seller immediately refunded the purchase price for all three bags, so there’s that.

It’s definitely not one of the counterfeit products plaguing Amazon, but I wonder why that lot didn’t fail incoming inspection.

I’m loathe to buy more walnuts for a while, though.

Memo to Self: Always inspect incoming purchases, even from reputable sellers!

2 thoughts on “Walnut Husk Fly Damage

  1. Recommendation: Fisher walnuts ordered from Walmart. I’ve been buying this item for years. Never been disappointed in product quality.



    No shipping charge with store pickup. Free shipping to your location if your order exceeds $35. Three of these 32-ounce bags qualifies.

    1. We’d been getting Kirkland walnuts from Costco, but they vanished from the online listing the last time around, so I bought ’em from an Amazon seller we’d had good experience with.

      Thanks for the Walmart pointer, because we’ll need walnuts sooner, rather than later!

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