Monthly Image: A Tree Full of Turtles

Spotted along Robinson Lane:

Tree full of turtles
Tree full of turtles

A closer look at the same number of pixels:

Tree full of turtles - detail
Tree full of turtles – detail

The little one way over on the left is definitely having an adventure!

I’d read of goats climbing trees, but never turtles.


  1. #1 by Raj on 2019-08-15 - 23:50

    They climb anything around to bask in the sun. I have a couple of rescued red ear sliders (non native) and they love to bask on a stone platform.

    • #2 by Ed on 2019-08-16 - 07:53

      Mary, being a Master Gardener, knows all too much about invasive plants & animals, but it seems a red-eared slider is a critter from us that’s invasive for you!

      Apparently they out-compete all other small turtles. Keep an eye on ’em … they’re up to no good!


      • #3 by Raj on 2019-08-16 - 08:02

        Yes, Ed. They are “imported” for the aquarium trade. Probably bred in the far east. They are cute when they are 1 to 2″ and in my concrete pond grow to 1′ or more. I have an aquaria group and when someone doesnt want them I take them in and let them live their lives out. Better than being dumped in local lakes.

  2. #4 by Olli on 2019-08-16 - 23:27

    Lunatics on the loose or…lions…
    “If You Go Into The Woods … Beware Of a Lion. But in Finland?”

    • #5 by Ed on 2019-08-17 - 12:32

      One hopes it lived out its life in peace & quiet …

  3. #6 by Raj on 2019-08-17 - 23:24

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