Dryer Vent Adapter Rebuild

When we bought this house, it had its original clothes dryer, which was vented directly through the wall with a few inches of 3×10 inch square duct. Alas, contemporary dryers use 4 inch round hoses, so I conjured a round-to-square adapter from a length of air handler duct:

Dryer Vent - end view
Dryer Vent – end view

I’d used … wait for it … duct tape to hold the end caps on, because I knew I’d be taking it apart to clean out the fuzz every now & again. The most recent cleanout occurred when I noticed the end cap had eased its way out of the adapter, releasing warm fuzzy air behind the dryer.

The solution, which I should have done decades ago, holds the end caps in place with sheet metal screws:

Dryer Vent - screws installed
Dryer Vent – screws installed

A pair of small clamps held everything in the proper location while I applied a suitable step drill and installed the screw:

Dryer Vent - screw clamps
Dryer Vent – screw clamps

Now the duct tape just seals the gaps, rather than holding against the minimal pressure in the box, and it should be all good until the next cleanout.

So simple I should’a done it decades ago. Right?

4 thoughts on “Dryer Vent Adapter Rebuild

  1. Sometimes “good enough” turns out to be not good enough, twenty years later.

  2. We replaced our dryer when it was releasing fuzz through the defunct drum seal. I might have been able to replace the seal, but there would have been bloody insurrection.

    Speed Queen makes “home” machines. Built like a tank, with minimal features. Opposite on the feature-spectrum to the washer that does everything, including telling us when it’s time to do a self-clean cycle.

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