YAGV Hackage

I’ve been using YAGV (Yet Another G-Code Viewer) as a quick command-line Guilloché visualizer, even though it’s really intended for 3D printing previews:

YAGV previewer.png
YAGV previewer.png

Oddly (for a command-line program), it (seems to) lack any obvious keyboard shortcut to bail out; none of my usual finger macros work.

A quick hack to the main /usr/share/yagv/yagv file makes Ctrl-Q bail out, thusly:

diff yagv /usr/share/yagv/yagv 
> import sys
> 		if symbol==pyglet.window.key.Q and modifiers & pyglet.window.key.MOD_CTRL:
> 			sys.exit()

I tacked the code onto an existing issue, but yagv may be a defunct project. Tweaking the source works for me.

The Ubuntu 18.04 LTS repo has what claims to be version 0.4, but the yagv GitHub repository (also claiming to be 0.4) includes code ignoring G-Code comments. Best to build the files from source (which, being Python, they already are), then add my Ctrl-Q hack, because my GCMC Guilloché generator adds plenty of comments.

2 thoughts on “YAGV Hackage

  1. The first thing that came up on a search was Yet Another Ghostscript Viewer. I guess that means it’s yet another acronym failure.

    (I see WordPress is now requiring manual entry of email and handle for non-registered users for each comment. As commonly stated on another blog, WordPress delenda est.)

    1. It’s time to migrate this whole affair elsewhere, if only to simplify the process I go through to create the posts, but I really don’t want to become a sysop. The sticking points seem to be managing comments (i.e. killing spam) and keeping up with security patches.

      Bleh & similar remarks …

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