Chair Reupholstering

We were tasked with replacing the foam cushion and seat covering on a pair of kitchen chairs. Removing the existing fabric seemed simple, until I pulled a dozen staples holding the cardboard cover to the bottom of the chair and exposed the fabric stapled to the MDF plate:

Chair reupholstering - stapled fabric
Chair reupholstering – stapled fabric

That’s just part of one corner. Obviously, whoever built the chair wanted to be very very very sure the fabric didn’t come loose!

Removing the staples from one corner produced a pile:

Chair reupholstering - one corner of staples
Chair reupholstering – one corner of staples

Piling up all the staples from the other chair looked even more impressive:

Chair reupholstering - staple pile
Chair reupholstering – staple pile

I fired maybe a third as many staples into the new fabric, which seems secure enough.

4 thoughts on “Chair Reupholstering

    1. Definitely not: the fabric wore out on the top surface, but the bottom wasn’t going anywhere!

      I was unaware IKEA did food, though …

        1. These chairs used plain MDF, nothing fancy … and even the cat knows better than to chew MDF!

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