Desk Drawer Stops

The stops aligning the top two drawers of an old desk vanished, so I got the job of replacing them. They’re hammered into the wood frame:

Drawer Stops - width measurement
Drawer Stops – width measurement

And stand up just enough to engage the back of the drawer face:

Drawer Stops - height measurement
Drawer Stops – height measurement

Back in the Basement Laboratory Shop Wing, I harvested steel strips from a defunct PC case, rubber-hammered them flat, sharpened a cold chisel (un-hardened, so it always needs sharpening), and got to work:

Drawer Stops - chiseled blanks
Drawer Stops – chiseled blanks

The pointy sides should have sharp edges, which you get for free with a chisel. You also get a bench full of little steel slivers perfectly suited for embedding in human flesh. Wearing eye protection is more than just a good idea, too.

Introducing what will become the visible edges to Mr Disk Sander makes them marginally less hazardous:

Drawer Stops - in progress
Drawer Stops – in progress

A slightly fuzzy picture of a test fit shows the stops should suffice:

Drawer Stops - trial fit
Drawer Stops – trial fit

Which they did:

Drawer Stops - installed
Drawer Stops – installed

Nobody will ever notice the blob of hot melt glue behind each one:

Drawer Stops - glue blob
Drawer Stops – glue blob