Driving While Shouting

We generally don’t get hassled during our bike rides, perhaps because we ride like narrow vehicles and don’t pull stupid bicyclist tricks. The few folks who do hassle us seem to be twenty-something males, an endangered species of its own.

A shout of “Assholes!”

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Unusually, there was no nearby traffic, so it’s not a case of mistaken identity.

Protip: Don’t do something in your employer’s vehicle that your employer may regret.

A shout of “Fuck you!”

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Protip: Your car has a license plate. JCX-1393, matching my high-res version against the audio track; I shout the license plate and identifying information while I can see it.

Yes, I was young once … and stupid.

One hopes they outgrow it, too.

2 thoughts on “Driving While Shouting

  1. A rude remark, shouted or otherwise, is a sign of low character. There’s not much you can do other than shrug it off.

    If a driver does something threatening (aggressive driving), that should be reported to the police. They will take no action unless a check of the plate number reveals outstanding warrants. In that case, they will take no action.

    In incidents which do not involve personal injury or substantial property damage the police generally exhibit the attitude “if we didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.”

    1. I expect my bike cameras will occasionally produce interesting pix and hope they never come into play during a conversation starting with “But, Officer, I didn’t see him …”

      “if we didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.”

      Police body cameras occasionally remind us of the old saying: “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”


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