Tour Easy Rack: Front Mount Screw

Long ago, I conjured a front rack mount from an aluminum bar across the seat struts on our Tour Easy recumbents, with a spherical washer soaking up the angular misalignment. The rack on Mary’s bike developed a serious wobble due to a missing screw, which was easy enough to replace:

Rack mount screw - rear
Rack mount screw – rear

From the side:

Rack mount screw - side
Rack mount screw – side

It’s a 2 inch screw sawed down to 1.5 inch, ground to shape, then run through a die to clean up the threads.

The nylon lock nut over on the left should keep the screw from working its way out of the tapped aluminum bar. On the other paw, a dab of Loctite survived nearly a decade of heavy loads and vibration.

2 thoughts on “Tour Easy Rack: Front Mount Screw

  1. If I don’t have the right sized die, I’ll pre-install a nut before cutting. Removing the nut swages the threads back into place.

    I only have a few dies, so this trick has had a lot of testing.

    1. My stash of stainless steel inch-size screws laughs at the nut trick: there’s enough clearance to leave a nasty sliver on the last thread. So I finally started using a real die after the grinder and it’s all good, albeit tedious.

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