Siglent SDS2304X Oscilloscope: Homebrew Front Cover

Both my Tek 2215A and HP 54602 oscilloscopes came with snap-on front covers to protect all those delicate knobs and connectors. Not so the Siglent SDS2304X, which is basically a flat shoebox with a handle: the case has no features for a cover to snap onto, Siglent doesn’t offer a padded carrying case, and it’s too thick big for any of the laptop bags around here.

I’ve been lugging it to Squidwrench meetings and can easily visualize a gash across the LCD panel or a knob rammed against a door frame.

So I trimmed a pair of foam angles, punched holes to fit around the knobs along the right edge, cut up a cardboard tray from the heap, and duct-taped the whole mess together:

Siglent SDS2304X Oscilloscope - crude front cover - interior
Siglent SDS2304X Oscilloscope – crude front cover – interior

The cover is equally ugly from the outside:

Siglent SDS2304X Oscilloscope - crude front cover - installed
Siglent SDS2304X Oscilloscope – crude front cover – installed

A Velcro bellyband around the whole affair / through the handle holds it together.

I considered 3D printing a set of corners and screwing them to a flat plastic plate, but came to my senses just in time.

6 thoughts on “Siglent SDS2304X Oscilloscope: Homebrew Front Cover

  1. Technical elegance may be defined as “completeness of function coupled with economy of means.” You achieved that.

    1. Alas, the M2 platform isn’t quite big enough and printed flat sheets affront my delicate sensibilities. Better to blow a week designing intricate brackets with threaded inserts for a machined polycarb sheet: you know what happens when I get started!

  2. I’d start with a tray from a fast food outlet. trim to match the dimensions of the front of the unit, and add the corners. The remains plus additional raw material from a second tray would provide the matching side pieces.

    This source of materials came to mind as I have a few fast food trays around the kitchen as a few years ago the local taco stand (Del Taco) closed and the owner gave me a few trays.

    1. We have a pile of Genuine Restaurant Trays: incredibly rugged phenolic, built to last a thousand years, and would release The Great Stink if I dared saw them. I was thinking more along the lines of polycarb sheet, but … man, that front panel would be protected!

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