Sakura Pen Nib

Emboldened by Erik’s suggestion to file the end of a smashed Sakura pen, I filed a notch around the metal snout, snapped it off, and pulled on the tip:

Sakura pen - extended nib
Sakura pen – extended nib

Come to find out the end of the snout is compressed around the nib and holds it in place. I don’t know how long the fiber cylinder might be, but it slides right out of the pen body.

So I squished the snout just a little, snipped off the metal tip, filed the fiber cylinder’s end to a point, and … it sorta-kinda works, but it’ll never again be a very good pen.

Obviously, I should conjure a slightly compliant pen holder for the MPCNC.

2 thoughts on “Sakura Pen Nib

  1. Well, I never promised “new pen goodness”. :-) They’re not drafting pens after that treatment, but I do still use them for sketching and crosshatching. I took some video of doing it to one for a blog post I haven’t written yet. You know how it is. Anyway, – it’s a minute and forty-seven seconds of precision instrument horror. I used the back side of the Leatherman file, the diamond dust side, so it isn’t quite as blunt an instrument as it first seems.

    1. Aye!

      Inexplicably, I figured they anchored the nib further back, so I could expose a new fiber section by pulling off the tip. I learn something new every day …

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