Clothes Rack Dowel Splicing

Clothes Rack Dowel Glue
Clothes Rack Dowel Glue

Mary picked up a rather well-used wooden-dowel clothes drying rack at a tag sale for essentially nothing; one of the dowels was missing. That’s easy enough to fix, as I have a stash of dowels from what seems to be another rack of the same type on my wood stockpile…

Of course, those dowels are just an inch or two shorter than needed.


  • Turn down the ends of two dowels to 0.29″ x 3/4″ to fit the holes in the support struts
  • Sand a small taper on the ends
  • Pull the staples, insert the longer dowel and mash the staple back in place
  • Eyeball the length of the other dowel, hacksaw to fit, install similarly
  • Find a length of brass tubing that slips over the dowels
  • Cut some heat stink shrink tubing to fit
Spliced dowels
Spliced dowels

I used urethane adhesive, because it expands as it cures and will fill the gaps inside the brass tubing. The heat stink tubing is just for nice… although it does make for a rather stunning contrast to the aged wood dowels, I’ll agree.

And it’s all good!

(Use it up, wear it out, repair it, wear it out again, then save the pieces because they’ll come in handy for something else.)