Monthly Image: Great Blue Heron

This Great Blue Heron caught a bright orange goldfish in the Vassar Farm Pond just before I rode past, spotted the scene, and fumbled my camera out of the underseat bag.

The heron hurked the fish down, with the abrupt right-angle bend in its neck marking the fish’s current location:

Great Blue Heron - swallowing
Great Blue Heron – swallowing

A bit of wiggling & jiggling put the meal in the right place and the bird relaxed:

Great Blue Heron - ruminating
Great Blue Heron – ruminating

A postprandial flight around the pond apparently settled the fish:

Great Blue Heron - takeoff
Great Blue Heron – takeoff

It landed on a snag a few dozen feet from where it started, then proceeded to look regal:

Great Blue Heron - idling
Great Blue Heron – idling

Those things really do look like pterodactyls in flight!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Image: Great Blue Heron

  1. really do look like pterodactyls in flight!

    I knew you were old… but wow! You remember flying pterodactyls?

    1. We’d sit alone and talk
      and watch a ‘dactyl
      making lazy circles in the sky.

      But they made such a mess until we installed Ptero-Be-Gone spikes in all the tree ferns …

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