Kenmore 158: Presser Foot Tweak

After watching Mary fiddle with the shrunken presser foot screw, I tapered the tip as a guide into the hole:

Presser Foot Screw - tapered tip
Presser Foot Screw – tapered tip

A hint-and-tip (which I cannot, alas, find again) suggested making bushings to simplify trimming screws in the lathe. A rim on the bushing aligns it with the front of the jaws, the screw threads into the central hole with a jam nut locking it in place, then you can turn / shape / file the end of the screw just beyond bushing with great support and a total lack of drama.

For the moment, I just aligned the screw in the tailstock drill chuck, crunched the three-jaw spindle chuck on the screw head, backed off the tailstock, took unsupported sissy cuts, and it was all good:

Presser Foot Screw - chuck alignment
Presser Foot Screw – chuck alignment

Gotta make those bushings!

One thought on “Kenmore 158: Presser Foot Tweak

  1. I did something like that for all-thread rod that needed to be turned into leadscrews. I took a length of 1″ brass hex stock, punched one facet to give me theta repeatability, faced, drilled and tapped full length. One bushing is 1/2″, while the other is 3/8″. I didn’t care about repeatability in the X direction&*, but by using the punch mark and hex stock, I could minimize the runout and still use a 3-jaw chuck.

    When I needed 3/4″ jack screws, I used full-sized nuts to hold them. Worked all right and I didn’t have to worry about damaging the threads.

    (*) A quick and dirty way to keep X registration would use a washer between the hex and the jam nut. Permanant solutions are left for the student..

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