Mini-Lathe: Electronics Box Screw Insert

Two bags of knurled brass M4 inserts arrived from halfway around the planet, so I could fix the offending hole behind the LMS mini-lathe’s electronics box:

LMS Mini-lathe - mistapped cover hole

LMS Mini-lathe – mistapped cover hole

Although you should remove the lathe from the chip pan and do it right, I gimmicked up a reducer for the long drill extension that, IIRC, came with the house:

LMS mini-lathe - drill bit extension

LMS mini-lathe – drill bit extension

I figured that would be close enough, given the starting situation. The cast iron frame is perhaps half an inch thick at that point, with steel brackets bolted to the far side, so use the hole as a guide and don’t drill with wild abandon.

A long M4 screw serves to align the insert eyeballometrically perpendicular to the surface while the JB Kwik epoxy cured:

LMS mini-lathe - insert alignment

LMS mini-lathe – insert alignment

It definitely doesn’t look like it grew there and, indeed, looks like the obvious repair job it is:

LMS mini-lathe - insert epoxied

LMS mini-lathe – insert epoxied

I thought about replacing all the screws, but decided it was so well hidden that, if I didn’t tell anybody, they’d never know:

LMS mini-lathe - cover screw installed

LMS mini-lathe – cover screw installed


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  1. #1 by Vedran on 2016-08-08 - 16:47

    I just picked up a (new to me) Emco Maximat lathe in what I’m told is an excellent shape, and I hold you and the mini lathe series at least somewhat responsible for that :)
    I’m still missing an inverter for the original 3-phase induction motor, but it should be up and running very soon.
    Any advice or recommanded reading for this noob?

    • #2 by Ed on 2016-08-08 - 20:32

      Well, that should keep you off the streets at night!

      The canonical First Book will get you started: How To Run A Lathe (or the 15th Edition from 1914)

      I make simple round things without much in the way of precision, so what little I know of lathe work fits neatly on my left palm in 48 point type.