Groundhog on High Alert

Looks like I’m getting the stinkeye:

Groundhog being suspicious
Groundhog being suspicious

The extensive garden armor remains effective, although we know groundhogs can run straight up a chain-link fence when given sufficient motivation. They generally give up after encountering the galvanized chickenwire around the buried concrete blocks; the garden is just to the left of the picture.

The front-yard groundhog suffered a fatal automobile accident shortly after it finished excavating its burrow against the front foundation. This critter may have moved into the abandoned summer home near the garage at the back of the house.

7 thoughts on “Groundhog on High Alert

  1. I may have to escort a couple of the more persistent ones around here to the town across the river.

    1. I think they’d fit snugly inside 4 inch Schedule 80 PVC pipe, which suggests ballistic delivery to the far reaches of the back yard, down the slope toward the Mighty Wappingers Creek.

      Dunno how they’re set up for stability control and aerobraking; terminal velocity could be a problem.

      A discarding sabot should simplify loading and locking the breech.

      1. I think explosives would attract unwanted attention, so perhaps I should find a large tank I can fill with compressed air.

  2. My dad used to get rig of moles and gro8ndhogs with a piece of electrical flex that went from the car exhaust pipe to the burrow entrance. 45 minutes or so of an idling engine would flood the tunnels with carbon monoxide… resulting in dead moles and groundhogs.

    1. That surely works better than my method: thinking carnivorous thoughts while whizzing down the hole …

  3. Last summer we lost a large chunk of our garden crop to a total of 4 ground squirrels. They destroyed the bean plants and some reseeded zucchini, but they really went after the zucchini fruit. The solution was a small “Have-a-Heart” trap and a large tub of water. Once squirrel #4 got buried, the crop recovered. Squirrel #5 only likes grass, so he lived.

    Seedlings go in the raised beds June 1, so the Have-a-Heart(less) trap is set. Spring weather was mild, so lots of ground squirrels around, lots of fat hawks and eagles, and a feral kitty has been making a dent, too. We might do OK this year.

    FWIW, gopher tablets do NOT work on ground squirrels. The raised beds have aluminum screening to thwart underground attacks, but the squirrels are decent climbers. Even plants in muck-tub planters got hit last year.

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