Hollow State Electronics: Desk Decorations

I did a lightning talk / show-n-tell last Tuesday at the MHV LUG meeting and covered one end of a table with the Neopixel-lit bulbs & vacuum tubes & hard drive platters I’ve been playing with:

MHVLUG – Hollow State Decorations – Lightning Talk

Some of the posts won’t go live for a week, but here’s a peek into the future:

Vacuum Tube LEDs - IBM 21HB5A Beam Power Tube - violet amber phase

Vacuum Tube LEDs – IBM 21HB5A Beam Power Tube – violet amber phase

Dang, that came out well…



  1. #1 by Joel on 2016-02-06 - 08:49

    You’re quite the arteest.

    • #2 by Ed on 2016-02-06 - 09:35

      It happened when I was thinking “Art!“, so that’s what it is.

      Bear in mind: my works are much cheaper less expensive now than they will be in, oh, say four decades. [grin]

  2. #3 by David Pilling on 2016-02-06 - 09:50

    I saw a You Tube where someone connected a high voltage from a car spark coil to an old bulb and turned it into a plasma sphere. Then I found on ebay “1 X DC3v-6V OUT 700 kv 700KV” and I wondered…

    • #4 by Ed on 2016-02-06 - 09:53

      Sounds like a great project. While you’re working that out, keep the horizon betwixt thee & me…

    • #5 by madbodger on 2016-02-06 - 12:55

      I did this sort of thing a lot when I was a kid. I’d run an old ignition coil from a train transformer to get arcs in burned-out bulbs.

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