Alpha Geek Clock: New Battery

After the CR123A lithium cell in the Alpha Geek Clock gave out:

Packaged Alpha-Geek Clock
Packaged Alpha-Geek Clock

I duct-taped a pair of D cells onto the case and returned it to the bedroom shelf. According to the date scrawled on the tape, that was five years ago: 26 November 2010.

Over the last few months, the LED gradually faded from a blink to a steady glow as the battery voltage dropped below 2 V and the WWVB receiver output no longer reached the MOSFET’s threshold.

We’ll see how long these last:

Alpha Geek Clock - new batteries
Alpha Geek Clock – new batteries

Yeah, I should probably do something involving 3D printing…

4 thoughts on “Alpha Geek Clock: New Battery

    1. Le sigh…

      Read an analysis suggesting the lad “just” dismantled a commercial clock to show its innards, as though that was somehow a Bad Thing and less worthy of note than building something from scratch. That’s exactly how I got started, by tearing things apart and, mostly, putting them back together again.

      That you can’t tell how things work from their innards any more is irrelevant. You can and should take things apart, just to find out what’s inside.

      Screwdrivers: the gateway drug to understanding how stuff works…

      1. And what is really sad to me is that the teachers, administrators and police didn’t have the judgement to tell that is all it was. No one suggested it was a bomb to them, they came to that conclusion all by themselves. What a sorry state of affairs. Someone somewhere should have said, “this is stupid, that’s not a bomb because (list of reasons). Calm the heck down.” Ignorance should not be allowed to be an excuse, in this case. We should have higher expectations of people we give that amount of power.

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