Bicycle vs. Flying Objects

A few minutes after we started riding, an insect collided with my helmet. About 3/60 second before impact:

HDR-AS30V 1280x720-60 - Insect - crop
HDR-AS30V 1280×720-60 – Insect – crop

We paused in a park at the far end of the ride, rolled out, and another insect buzzed past:

HDR-AS30V 1280x720-60 - Insect 2 - crop
HDR-AS30V 1280×720-60 – Insect 2 – crop

Both of those flew within a few inches of the lens, far inside the camera’s fixed-focus near point, and it’s a wonder they look as good as they do. Looking at successive frames reveals wingbeats, although they’re surely flapping much faster than frame rate and therefore heavily aliased.

Fortunately, a Gas Hawk didn’t come that close:

Rt 376 - Dutchess Airport - landing
Rt 376 – Dutchess Airport – landing

All from the Sony HDR-AS30V in 1280×720 at 60 frame/s. The bug images were ruthlessly cropped to show the full-size dot-for-dot camera image, then stored with minimal compression.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been buzzed on the bike, but it’s a record for one ride.

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  1. that is so cool. i have both my cams on the front and rear of my bike.. maybe i get some images like you done

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