Backyard Deer Herd

One deer might be cute:

Deer Herd - outlier
Deer Herd – outlier

But the rest of the herd makes up for it:

Deer Herd - main
Deer Herd – main

You’ll note the complete lack of understory vegetation; the only remaining plants can withstand continuous deer browsing. Deer have clipped all of the evergreens five feet off the ground, even through they don’t normally eat evergreens…

In fact, there’s no new tree growth in the Hudson Valley, because tree seedlings don’t stand a chance.

One thought on “Backyard Deer Herd

  1. The neighboring ranch has a dozen whitetails that’ll jump our fences to get to the river. They’ll leave our garden alone–deer mesh and zucchini make it unattractive.

    The biggest downside is the fact that the Resident Cougar likes to stalk the deer. Garbage runs after dark involve something in .45 ACP. Helps with the coyotes and the odd wolf-hybrid, too.

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