MakerGear M2: PETG Motor Mount

The M2’s extruder motor mounts in a printed holder that attaches to the X-axis linear rail. The wire guide on the original holder snapped when I installed it, with the fractured end showing poor infill and bonding, but the rest of the mount held together and, my initial misgivings notwithstanding, I never had much motivation to print a replacement. With the PETG settings working pretty well, I fetched the updated STL file, oriented it for printing, and ran off a motor mount:

M2 Motor Mount - PETG on platform

M2 Motor Mount – PETG on platform

That’s at 40% 3D Honeycomb infill, three perimeters and three top/bottom layers, which seems plenty strong enough for the purpose: I can’t bend the wire guide at all, no how, no way!

Despite a few hairs, the nozzle didn’t deposit any boogers. Things are looking up…

A cap should fit over the cable guide, presumably for neatness, but I didn’t see much point in that. Instead, I added a steel rod to support the loom and provide some strain relief beyond the end of the guide, as the wires want to flex at that spot:

M2 Motor Mount - PETG installed - cable brace

M2 Motor Mount – PETG installed – cable brace

Because the V4 hot end mounts to that aluminum plate, rather than the filament drive, the whole operation didn’t disturb the nozzle position at all. Whew!