Raccoons at the Suet Feeder

They only come out at night:

Raccoon on suet feeder
Raccoon on suet feeder

Two raccoons took turns at the feeder, but I only caught one in the act:

Raccoon on suet feeder
Raccoon on suet feeder

Apparently they enter torpor, rather than hibernate, which means they’re getting hungry right about now.

Taken through two panes of 1955 glass with the Sony DSC-H5, using an LED flashlight for focus assist. Both culprits oozed off the far end of the patio when I opened the door…

2 thoughts on “Raccoons at the Suet Feeder

  1. Don’t be confused by terminology.
    A bird feeder feeds birds.
    A suet feeder feeds suet.
    The object in your photos is a raccoon feeder.

    1. Perhaps the suets come out even later at night than the raccoons? That’s why I’ve never seen a suet at the feeder!

      As nearly as we can tell, the woodpeckers favor plain old suet over fancy seed-filled suet cakes. We bought a box of cakes a year ago when Adam’s butcher shop didn’t have suet for a while, but never again…

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