Thunderbird UI Tweakage

If you want to change the font in all of Thunderbird’s UI, you must perform this magic ritual:

  • Create the file chrome/userChrome.css in wherever they’ve hidden your profile folder (for Ubuntu 14.04, it’s ~/.thunderbird)
  • Then put this incantation inside:
/* Global UI font */
/* may need !important on each entry */
* { font-size: 14pt ;
  font-family: Arial Narrow ;

As nearly as I can tell, you don’t need the !important tag on the top-level entry, but I don’t profess to grok Mozilla-flavored CSS.

Useful properties:

  • font-weight: normal | bold | light
  • font-style: normal | italic | oblique

Maybe you can do the whole font thing in one shot, but I haven’t tried.

The changes take effect the next time you fire up Thunderbird: dinking with this stuff gets tedious.

This is way too intricate for mere mortals…

2 thoughts on “Thunderbird UI Tweakage

  1. Do you have a way I can prune my unused emails from the suggestions Thunderbird offers me when I’m entering a To: address? It insists on including obsolete ones. I don’t even know if they still exist in some address book.

    1. As nearly as I can tell, Thunderbird rummages through your real address book and the list of addresses harvested from incoming & outgoing emails: you must hunt each suggestion down and kill it individually.

      But that’s not always the case. A year ago, I tried to get folks to stop using an email address so I could shut it off. Even after they changed the address book entry, their MRU list kept offering that ancient address; I may be stuck with that address forever. [sigh]

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