Spider Breakfast

The season of giant orb-weaving spiders comes again to Poughkeepsie, with this one stretching a web across the decorative grasses bracketing the (unused) front door:

Orb spider - at rest
Orb spider – at rest

While I screwed around with the camera, she dashed off to one side and began wrapping a package:

Orb spider - wrapping insect
Orb spider – wrapping insect

Her spinnerets release a torrent of silk during that operation!

Dragging it back to the middle of her orb, she settled down for breakfast.

Orb spider - ready for breakfast
Orb spider – ready for breakfast

So did I…

Hand held with the Sony DSC-H5, facing westward in dawn light, using the flash to bring the image up out of the mud. A touch of unsharp mask and some contrast stretching; nothing too drastic.

2 thoughts on “Spider Breakfast

  1. My favorite Far Side cartoon: Two spiders finishing a catch-web at the bottom of a playground slide: “If we pull this off, we’ll eat like kings.”

    1. A big leaf snagged on a web strand high over the front yard and has been twisting in the breeze for the last two weeks: spider silk is good stuff!

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