Orb-Weaving Spiders

August was the month for giant orb weaving spiders; a pair of thumb-sized monsters took up residence under the gutter over the patio. One started by anchoring its web to the handrail by the steps:

Web anchor on handrail
Web anchor on handrail

While we like and encourage spiders, that anchorage didn’t last long and, yes, I must strip and repaint that railing…

There’s a horizontal web at the corner of the gutter over the back door:

Orb spider at gutter - light
Orb spider at gutter – light

Changing the exposure to favor the spider loses the web strands:

Orb spider at gutter - dark
Orb spider at gutter – dark

Cropping that one down around the spider shows they really are the stuff of nightmare:

Orb spider - detail
Orb spider – detail

The other spider prefers a vertical web attached along the gutter and anchored to a patio chair, which means I can get between the house and the web to see the spider’s tummy:

Orb spider - ventral
Orb spider – ventral

We leave the lights on in the evening for their benefit…

4 thoughts on “Orb-Weaving Spiders

  1. First of all they are dangers.
    Second of all,what if some accidentially pumps into the noing that they are already there.
    Third of all what if they decided to move to another location around the house or in.

    1. Although they’re the stuff of nightmares, they’re pretty much harmless and out of the way, high up around the gutters. Remember, we did dislodge that anchor strand on the railing; we’re not that lax! They capture bugs, we don’t hassle them, and we get along with very little friction.

      When we find a spider in the house, I capture it in a small box and deport it out back. Sometimes, though, I think it gets back inside before I do… [grin]

      1. I think its just dangerous for my kind of life style. I don’t like creachers like that in or attached no were near my home
        Good luck with that…

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