If You Can Get To BNC, You Can Get To Anything

That’s what Mad Phil taught me, back in the day, and it’s still true:

15 W Dummy Load - Stacked Adapters
15 W Dummy Load – Stacked Adapters

From the top:

  • 15 W dummy load with N female
  • N male to BNC female
  • BNC male to UHF female
  • UHF male to UHF male
  • UHF female on homebrew antenna mount

Obviously, I don’t have enough adapters: I need one with N male to UHF male.

I actually spent money to get from the reverse-polarity SMA connector on the Wouxun radios directly to UHF female, matching the cable to the antenna mount in one step.

Sometimes an unsteady ziggurat of adapters isn’t appropriate.

4 thoughts on “If You Can Get To BNC, You Can Get To Anything

  1. A person could go broke buying every combination of adapter. I recently started buying SMA/RP-SMA adapters because it seems like everything new has them…

    1. New RF gadgets have a bizarre micro-dot connector that I can barely see, never mind solder, with coaxial cable a bit thicker than hookup wire.

      Most of my adapters are hand-me-downs or surplus finds. I shudder to think of the replacement cost if I had to start over again…

  2. That’d be U.FL (I’d link to the wikipedia page but don’t feel like being caught by the filters). Also popular in laptops, running from the actual radio to the antenna(e – they seem to like MIMO) mounted somewhere in the lid, behind the screen. (also also – apparently “antennae” is for multiple insect appendages, while “antennas” is for multiple broadcast devices, but I’m leaving it)

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