Monthly Image: Hudson River Boating

Much of the boat traffic on the Hudson consists of barges shuttling bulk commodities between the Atlantic and the Port of Albany. I think this is a crude oil barge, based on the Christmas Tree plumbing that was more visible when it passed under the Mid Hudson Bridge:

Walkway and Barge - from Mid Hudson Bridge
Walkway and Barge – from Mid Hudson Bridge

We crossed the Walkway Over the Hudson westbound, where a work crew was tending a crane. That’s how they do repair and inspection:

Walkway Inspection Crane - from Mid Hudson Bridge
Walkway Inspection Crane – from Mid Hudson Bridge

The Hudson River has far fewer power boats than in years gone by, probably due to their gallon-per-minute fuel consumption:

Power boat on Hudson River - from Mid Hudson Bridge
Power boat on Hudson River – from Mid Hudson Bridge

It was a fine day for a ride:

KE4ZNU - APRS track 2014-06-30
KE4ZNU – APRS track 2014-06-30

4 thoughts on “Monthly Image: Hudson River Boating

  1. Why does your GPS track seem to be sampled at different rates? Are you biking much faster on those sections, or is the global cloud database missing the reports?

    1. It’s set for “smart beaconing” that only transmits at corners, which dramatically reduces the load on the packet radio network. It also reduces the load on our ears, because the longer data squirts get through the tone squelch delay in our radios.

      More than you probably want to know:

  2. Spent a large amount of my childhood in Poughkeepsie and haven’t been back there in a VERY long time. I had no idea that they had actually turned the railroad bridge into a walkway. They talked alot about doing so since it burned but nothing more. I left in 1999 and it was just a fenced off abandoned relic at that time. Very cool to see it wasn’t torn down.

    1. It’s not a place you just stumble into: you must want to be here… [grin]

      As nearly as I can tell, the Walkway Over the Hudson’s success took everybody by surprise. They finished it on the cheap to get it done by the 400th anniversary of Hudson “discovering” the area and have been patching up glitches and oversights ever since, working around the hundreds of thousands of visitors out there on the concrete.

      We avoid it during weekends, because it’s so crowded!

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