You Know It’s Time to Change the Bike Tire When …

…. the armor layer under the tread starts peeking through:

Eroded Schwalbe Marathon tire
Eroded Schwalbe Marathon tire

Actually, it started peeking through early this year, but why rush things?

I swapped in a Michelin Pilot City 700x32C tire with their Protek Max armor and reflective sidewalls; we’ll see how well all that works.

No tire liner inside, so I’m depending on the armor and the fact that it’s a rather chunky tire.

2 thoughts on “You Know It’s Time to Change the Bike Tire When …

  1. Since you are “that kind of guy” approx how many miles did that tire go? and in how much time???

    1. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t have any solid numbers, but guesstimating from the repairs I’ve mentioned here it’s maybe 4 years and 10 k miles old.

      Running the back tires at 80 psi, rather than 100, dramatically reduced the number of flats, even without tire liners… I’ll call it a win.

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